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A common-sense idea for improving Halifax transit


By Ryan Scarth, AIMS intern

Commuting in Halifax is continually at the forefront of public debate. The general consensus among Haligonians is that the Halifax Transit network is in need of reform. While investments have been made to improve existing services, they fail to target the heart of the issue plaguing public transit in the city. Following a decision last year by City Council deeming a commuter rail line “economically unviable”, the expensive, silver bullet solution has again surfaced in the form of a pre-proposal from VIA rail, the federal Crown Corporation. Published in The Coast, a recent op-ed points out the benefits a Bus Rapid Transit system could provide, as well as the argument in favour of using common-sense to develop existing infrastructure and utilize the current Halifax Transit  fleet as effectively as possible.

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AIMS President reacts to Atlantic Premiers’ immigration announcement

By Marco Navarro-Génie

WATCH: Yesterday in PEI, four Atlantic Premiers and five federal cabinet ministers announced an “Atlantic growth strategy”, with immigration and economic development the central focus. In the following video, AIMS President Marco Navarro-Génie reacts to the premiers’ announcement. He explains that increased immigration can be a good thing, but it is a part of a much larger economic policy problem in our region.

Outmigration is a significant problem in Atlantic Canada, and so immigration sounds like a good thing. However, bringing new people in does not, on its own, guarantee economic growth. What we ought to be fixing is the economy. Fixing the economy will help to keep Atlantic Canadians home and to retain the immigrants we bring to the region. We need to tackle the conditions that have precipitated our current problems: high taxes, high cost of utilities like gas and electricity, and eliminating bans on legal economic activities such as fracking and pipeline development.

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