Bias? Our Bias is the Market

By Alex Whalen, AIMS Operations Manager

The Guardian newspaper of Charlottetown wrote an editorial last week entitled “Money Talks.” In it, they discuss the potential for bias at Canadian think-tanks in light of recent stories in the New York Times allegedly exposing bias in some United States based think-tanks.

The implication of The Guardian editorial was that biases at these institutes, such as ours, may be hidden and connected to financial interests. AIMS President and CEO Marco Navarro-Génie took the opportunity to respond in an op-ed that appeared Journal-Pioneer.

Navarro-Génie starts by addressing the notion of bias, and goes on to say that at AIMS we *do* indeed have a bias. He writes:

The notion that anyone can be completely unbiased is a benevolent fiction. It suggests that we can be completely objective in relation to what we know and believe. To claim perfect objectivity, or that one has no bias of any sort, is to acknowledge that one has no singular perspective on anything. It is an admission of intellectual poverty.

Ok, so if we all have biases, what about AIMS?

The market is our bias. We choose to study economic issues that will improve markets or will raise awareness of the virtues of markets.

How exactly might such a bias play out? He goes on to say that our bias leans against unnecessary regulation, high tax burdens, cartels and subsidies that favor producers at the cost of consumers, and other forces that rob people of their creativity and entrepreneurship.

To read Navarro-Génie’s full piece, click here.


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